We are characterized by a comprehensive and professional service, providing care nationwide, in English and Spanish.


  • Personal taxes
  • business taxes
  • Tax representation (special cases).see more



  • Income and expense report (P&L Profit & Loss statement)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Balance sheet and any other report required by any institution


  • Business Entity Type 
  • Type of tax return you must file.
  • Management and administration of your business. see more

Payroll / Payroll

  • Salary calculation
  • Tax withholding and deductions
  • Compliance with labor regulations
  • Issuance of checks or direct deposits
  • Registration and record keeping
  • Reports and tax presentation.see more

Our staff is highly trained to help you process all your financial statements. Keep your accounts up to date, so you have a better understanding of the growth of your business.

We specialize in business tax and advice, in addition to offering informative workshops.

Visit Leaders to learn more about our workshops.

Open all year long! We work with virtual and in-person appointments.

We are Ready to Serve You!

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