Work team

Heidy E. Portillo

President and Senior Accountant

He had a vision of forming Progreso Tax with the mission of providing essential tax preparation services, accounting services, and personal and business leadership workshops. With values based on providing the Hispanic community with a full and honest service in their own language. 

Heidy has many years of experience in the business area. Academically, he holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus on management and leadership and human resources. He has leadership, business and tax preparation certifications. He has more than 15 years of work experience in the accounting area and is an active member of associations such as: National Association of Enroll Agents, National Notary Association, National Association of Tax Professionals, International Society of Female Professionals, accredited member of John Maxwell Team, among others. other preparations that he continuously carries out to enrich his knowledge and preparation to provide a quality service to his clients. She is also the founder and business coach of Liderenti.

Angelica Avellaneda

Office Manager and Lead Accountant

Hello! I have been part of the Progreso Tax team since August 2019. 

I graduated from the University of Oregon in 2020 and earned my bachelor's degree in accounting with a double major in economics and philosophical ethics.
My day duties are tied to the needs of our clients' accounting and payroll accounts, making it a priority to ensure they are in compliance with all state and federal requirements.

Ruth Rodriguez

Office Assistant

Hello! My work at Progreso Tax consists of customer service, helping them with whatever they need, with a personalized and professional experience.                                                                                                                                I have six years of customer service experience and enjoy interacting with customers with quality service and friendliness.

Evelyn Portillo

Accountant Assistant and Web Designer

I have been a member of the Progreso Tax team since July 2020.

I work as an accounting assistant, in charge of entering and classifying financial information and accounting records of clients. As an independent provider, I provide the Website Administration service for Progreso Tax and Leaders.            

I am currently a last year Marketing student, focused on Digital Marketing.

Anthony Avellaneda

Payroll Specialist and Client Relations Manager

Hello! I have been part of the Progreso Tax team for 3 years, with experience working initially as an administrative assistant and today I work as a payroll specialist and also as a customer relationship manager for Leaders.

I am currently a senior at Oregon State University, focused on earning a bachelor's degree in business administration with a focus on business.

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